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Helping Students to Learn from Feedback


The feedback that a student receives on their work has been shown to be a key influence on their achievement. It also can contribute significantly to student satisfaction. 


The value of feedback for students depends to some extent on the frequency and quality of the feedback that is offered to them. However, little attention has been paid to the student’s role in the feedback process. If students can be given guidance on how to seek, receive and handle feedback, they can be more ready to make full use of feedback in their development. It is essential that students take an active role in relation to feedback.


The session looks briefly at what makes for quality in feedback and moves on to focus on what the teacher can do to help students to become more actively involved in the feedback process.


This session considers:


> What feedback can achieve for the student


> How to be effective in giving feedback


> How to give guidance to students on:

  • Overcoming barriers to making the most of feedback;
  • Becoming more proactive in relation to feedback;
  • Responding to feedback


Participants will have the opportunity to:


> Review their current approach to feedback, including the extent to which they prepare students to be active in relation to feedback


> Make plans to adapt their practice in feedback in order to increase student engagement with, and benefit from, feedback


This session will be of interest to anyone responsible for giving feedback to students and/or for encouraging students to take a more active role in relation to feedback.